3 reasons Gilmore Girls is is the perfect autumn show

Published on 1 October 2022 at 09:20

First, Gilmore Girls is a 7 season-long series that started in 2000. It is about a young mum, Lorelai, and her young daughter Rory in their life in Connecticut, navigating through old and new family, platonic and romantic relationships as well as school and their careers throughout the show.

This mother and daughter duo have an exceptional bond with trust and true friendship. I love this series, it's a great to watch during Autumn/Winter time and I am about to tell you why!


1. The New England style and appearance with orange and brown leaves on the trees is very much the whole show's aesthetic, full of nature and the outdoors. This makes the show just so pleasing to watch with that orange hue colour grade/ tint; it feels like you are constantly in Autumn all year long, even in the hotter seasons.

The satire of the show is warm and what you would save on your board on Pinterest. It's a great series to get cosy on the couch with some hot chocolate.


2. Gilmore girls is one of those feel-good shows that put you in a better mood and is just excellent to wind down too, as I mentioned earlier. The show's plot is sweet, simple and suburban. The Gilmore Girl synopsis is realistic! It's pretty much to your everyday life with a softest hint of fantasy.


There are fairytale like moments that create for an entertaining show. Some examples are ... Lorelai and Sookie opening up their own Inn, and how Rory and Lorelai have this cute corner local cafe they go to every morning, being a part of their local community and attending town meetings.

It's all just pleasant with relatable aspects, such as experiencing heartbreak in different forms which also allow the viewers to connect with the storylines on a deeper level. I feel like the show is the embodiment of romanticising mundane life and finding ways to make it fun and exciting.


3. Lastly, the show is an embodiement of light academia . This is something I'm deeply into as a concept. The whole Rory being studious, trying to get into Harvard. She wears a uniform and goes to a private school in the first couple of seasons of the show.


I love that Rory loves to read and has a passion for it. I associate well with Rory regarding her personality- she does show herself a bit awkward in the beginning. Still, I feel like most of the time she's in her own bubble, and she is just at peace with everything around her and who she is, and when things change, so does she.

If you are into the light academia concept, this show is for you, and it's great to watch for those colder, rainier darker months.




Anu Aborisade


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