The Allure of the twilight film series

Published on 8 October 2022 at 11:18

The allure of Twilight has to be this obsessive teen-ish love story between Bella and Edward and that mysterious, thrilling high school romance that comes with dating a vampire and all that brings.


The allure also includes her weird desire to want to turn into a vampire and if Edward would really do it? Although Bella's destiny was to be a vampire, the film did an excellent job of making that known in subtle ways. For example, she was pale despite being from Florida, a very sunny state, or how she had this loner chick vibe going for her and how awkward she was. It was like she wasn't made for social interaction and was unique in her own ways. The fact that Edward couldn't read her mind or the Volturi couldn't hurt her shows she was something more than human and was supposed to end up being a vampire. And that waiting period, till she became or wondered if she would become, was also a part of the allure of Twilight then and now, just watching her character development when she finally became one. She went from someone timid and awkward to very confident and strong.


Moreover, the whole situation with the Volturi and not to mention Reneesme, the impossible miracle child part human and vampire! Furthermore, the aesthetic of forks has a considerable role in the allure. Foresty scenery such as the woods, trees, cold bleaches, and oceans and the colour theme being blue-ish and green makes the film very cosy and makes you want to snuggle in bed or on the couch with some snacks and watch. It captivated its audience with the epilogue, and it is still something people love till this day to watch during the autumn and winter time!


Another part of the allure was the whole team Edward and Jacob element of it, who people preferred out of the two, and who they were rooting for Bella to end up with. But having watched the movie so many times, it's evident she was never going to end up with Jacob and was madly in love with Edward, even when she found out Jacob was a werewolf and asked him if he could stop being one and that it was wrong?? I was like, this girl is completely lost in Edward's land. He can do no wrong in her eyes because Edwards is literally a vampire whose whole existence depends on killing humans and drinking their blood. Still, they were somehow better just because they never killed any humans... anymore, that is. She clearly had her biases, which was definitely with the Cullen's! But when the film came out, it seemed possible that Jacob and Bella could be a thing.




Anu Aborisade



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