The point in my life where I can relate to Elena Gilbert from the Vampire Diaries.

Published on 25 January 2022 at 22:07

If anyone reading this has watched the vampire diaries, you all know who Elena Gilbert is. When I first started watching the vampire diaries at 13, I found Elena very annoying. I felt like she always played victim even though everyone around her was legit risking their lives and dying so that she could be alive and have the life she desired. Even as I would re-watch the show, sometimes I couldn't even get past a couple of seasons because I was reminded of how annoying Elena was. Now, this is like my millionth time watching, and for the first time ever, I can actually relate to Elena and finally understand her. It takes being in a particular place in life to realise everyone is alike.


Elena is a young teenage girl who lost her parents in a car accident, picking her up from a party, and Elena survived. All she had was her brother and her aunt, Jenna. Then she fell in love with a vampire... this bought an implosion of issues along with him. She also descended from  a line of doppelgangers whose blood created the vampire race. Elena was always in the midst of supernatural issues that she couldn't get away from. A life she did not ask for kept holding on to her and made her life a living hell. People around her kept dying, her brother (who died like 1,000 times), her aunt, Bonnie (again another one that died a lot), Matt, her ex and Caroline, her friend who got turned into a vampire by Elena's evil doppelganger. Not to mention she was dating Stefan initially. Then got turned into a vampire and switched to his brother Damon. (Although, in my opinion, Damon was the best fit for her. He always put Elena first and made her a priority. )Imagine going through all this as a young teenage girl, constantly in fear of losing your support system. Elena was just trying to find her way but kept getting knocked back, even when she tried to press forward.


Every tear, Elena cried for the people she lost and gained, every time she involved someone in her drama or asked for help. Every decision she made was out of fear... fear of being alone, fear of being stuck by herself. I know that's a feeling many of us can relate to. Sometimes life is just terrible for no reason, or we feel like we can never get a break, always one thing after another. But in the end, despite all the chaos and anarchy Elena went through in the 8 seasons. Life turned out very good for her. She lived a happy, fulfilled life, married Damon, and became a doctor.


For me, life looks pretty stagnant; sometimes, I feel stuck, surrounded by people but feel alone. Elena made me realise that no matter how much worse it can get or how deep in the mud, I think I am, I have to continue pressing on and pushing for that happy ending. I know it's there, and it is waiting for me. It will get better. I know it will get better. I relate to Elena because I finally get her decisions and can relate how she was feeling. Most of the times I could notice the dark grey cloud looming over her head as she tries to live life to the fullest and put on a brave face. I think what really saved her, was her heart. She did care about people and because of that, she attracted the help she needed in order to get by in life, which would give her brief moments of light, where she would laugh and smile, occasionally - these were the signs of hope, I believe she held on to for a better day, for healing.


It's important that I value people when they are there, never take people and the time they give for granted. Being in a place of standstill alone makes me feel like I'm sinking in deeper. However, being open to others allows me to appreciate the beautiful view when I'm there.


Do any of you guys relate to any of the vampire diaries characters? If so, leave a comment ( or a message) on who and why.





Anu Aborisade

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