Three things I didn't particularly appreciate seeing in the vampire diaries

Published on 22 October 2022 at 12:14

Stefan turning into a side character:


After seasons 3-4, during the downfall of Stefan and Elena's relationship and the rise of Delena. I believe Stefan slowly lost his significance and importance in the show. He kind of became this extra in the front where nothing really much happened to him, and it was all about saving Elena and saving Damon. Stefan didn't really have much of a storyline until the show started forcing this platonic relationship between Stefan and Caroline into something romantic and even led to marriage? To me, it was very confusing and unnatural. It wasn't the true and passionate love we've seen amongst some of the characters in the show in earlier seasons. Even Katherine and Stefan falling in love would have made more sense and would have been a juicer plot for Stefan.


Any chance of a happy ending for Bonnie being ripped away:


I cannot even count the time Bonnie has been killed? How many times has she fallen in love, and her love interests been killed? She never got her chance at a happy ending. She was always alone, always that disposable friend, it seemed. I think Bonnie cared for Elena more than Elena did for Bonnie. They only ever used and needed her for her magic, and as soon as that went, it was like she was unimportant to any of them. Bonnie deserved a better group of friends and a better ending. She deserved happiness, love and genuine care from the people around her! And she only got to live in season 6 when Kai bound Elena and Bonnie together because the actress Nina Dobrev left the show as her contract ended for 6 seasons.


Klaus and Caroline not being endgame :


For us TVD and TO fans wanting to see Klaus and Caroline as an endgame was a universal feeling. The way he cared for her and that whole bad boy liking the good girl trope has to be my favourite type of romance subgenres in books and film. Klaus would have done anything for her, and Caroline would have been good for him and the light he needed. It would have made for a more exciting show to see the development of that relationship, and where the producers would have taken it would have been engaging to see as viewers. To not see an actual love story brew between the two, I found genuinely disappointing.



Anu Aborisade


Let me know what you think? What did you not like seeing in the vampire diaries? And comment if you want to see 3 things I enjoyed seeing in the show?


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