A better chapter

Published on 23 June 2023 at 19:00

Walking alone on a field of grass, the weather is now cooling from the sunny morning it had.


 A bit of wind blows and now it’s slightly cold. In moments like this it’s only natural for the body to feel comfortable and at ease and then the mind begins to wander and it's no longer present in what’s going on right now. 


It feels good and peaceful being around nature, and now your mind starts to think of positive things. What things could you be thinking of in a place like this? About a better future for your life, the memories to be made, the people to meet, the places to travel and that maybe life is not as bad as it seems. 


The beauty of life is enjoying and finding it in the simple things,  in the small miracles of life. The fact that there is night and day, hot and cold, grass that is green and flowers that grow. 


Life is not to be an industrial machine, made for churning profits and capital goals. It's for love, joy, and hope. 


Sometimes it's fair to get discouraged and disappointed of what and where your life is at this moment, but to do well in remembering that the world was formed with you in mind, it’s okay everything will turn out better for you in time.




Anu Aborisade

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