The thoughts alone

Published on 20 July 2023 at 19:00

The thoughts that I have alone,

That nobody knows,

That I am scared to spare,

Because it’s a burden to bare,

And you feel like nobody cares,

And nobody shares,

And nobody speaks the truth,

Nobody wants to talk about the root,

We are all to blame, for the feelings left up in the air.


The harshness of life has left us all in fear,

Bullied into submission of keeping it in,

Every single one of our sins,

Nobody wants to forgive,

Nobody wants to believe,

Hurt by people,

I shy away from the community,

Thinking it will provide me with immunity.


The road is empty and so am I,

Where do I find people who have a clue?

Does it start with me?

Realising I am not the fool?

In this life, where sometimes you can lose,

To find who’s actually who in this world full of who’s cool,

It’s a journey often taken in recluse.


The thoughts I have alone,

I will always have alone,

But a heart that is shown,

And a heart that is shared,

Gives hope to that of a lonely soul



Anu Aborisade

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