Seven days a week

Published on 1 April 2024 at 15:30

Today marks day one

The first day of doing things differently

The first day of saying no

The first day of saying yes

The first day that you take a chance on yourself.


Today marks day two

The second day, you kept going

The second day, you put yourself forward

The second day, you find passion

The second day, you tried.


Today marks day three

The third day, you start to feel better

The third day, you laugh

The third day, you cry

The third day, you walk with your head held high.


Today marks day four

The fourth day, you find difficult

The fourth day, you smile

The fourth day, you don’t hold back

The fourth day, you are on the right track.


Today marks day five

Day one you began

Day two you pushed

Day three you felt

Day four you overcame

Day five you arise.


Today marks day six

Life looks differently

A work in progress

You take the bad with the sad

and mix it with the good and the glad.


Today mark day seven

Reflection is not merely shown by glass

It's not by a mirror that we can see the heart

We find that our inner most parts are timid to be seen

Covered by the skin that we live in

The test of growth and the sapere consumed

Takes pride over this time alone

The seventh day takes full pursuit, for a rest that needs to be ensued.




Anu Aborisade

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