Toxic warmth

Published on 15 July 2022 at 10:16

She touches his hand, it is a burnin flame on her palm

It ignites her whole body and turns her into ashes

The heat from his dark feel crushes her from the inside out

She only knows slow pain when she’s around him.

She is lonelier when she is with him

She finds it hard to rise from the ashes that he contains

Like being stuck inside a ceramic vase, not spreading it away.

She knows she needs to let go of his hand

Walk away and gain her strength back 

To fly up and not be brought down 

But she can’t help but to feel a toxic warmth from his fingers. 

Luring her in, such a deception 

But when she’s close to him

It’s clear he only speaks nothing but empty promises and sweet nothings and he’s actions show even worse.

But she knows now he’s a magician, he has no real power

A fraud that tells everyone he is higher 

He is insecure, hurting others to feel ensured

She removes her golden palm from his rotten arm

She knows the truth and wants to live for real

She doesn’t need him anymore

The light has exposed him

She doesn’t need him to be complete 

He needs her

To now know she had the power all along.





Anu Aborisade

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