The pursuit

Published on 12 December 2023 at 19:00

She playfully runs through the fields, so he can try to catch her, secretly testing his ability of pursuit and measuring the size of his fondness.

Her legs go at the pace her heart feels when he’s near.


That feeling is his grace and care it’s just his flair.


The wind is flowing through her hair, a smile so wide it’s just how she appears, her gleeful laugh echoes through the air.


You can hear in her voice the endearment for him.


She anticipates his hands coming near, following her, and holding her. All he wants is just to be close, right beside her, she is his proclivity. 


He looks at her with a glisten in his eye like a star that twinkles in the night sky.


The pant in her breath slows as she feels his arm wrapped around her torso, turns her around, and puts his cold hand down her soft cheeks, he craves to see her smile as it’s laced with the peace that he always needed.


But in this moment… every part of his body explodes, just by the thought of her and there is a fullness of butterflies that flutter and fly inside of him, she doesn’t know it the only thing keeping him up as his falling. His breath shortens as he wants to tell her all how he feels, he becomes so shy, just by her mere sight. 


He try’s to plays it cool, but he is not a stickler for words, like some who can do. He utters the words ‘I love you’ and hope that it will be enough to get her to understand.


But his action spoke louder as he chased her through the fields, he caught up to her, it’s true he will go with her anywhere, whatever the location, she is his vocation. 


She knows what his words mean and what it translates - this is a love that is match made.




Anu Aborisade

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