Unknown days

Published on 7 January 2022 at 17:36

The world is cold on those bad days,

When sadness comes, with nothing to say.

The world is warm on those good days,

When joy overwhelms, sitting under the sun's gaze,

It's like living in one of those movie ending cliches.

The ones where everything is all figured out, wouldn't that be great?

The world promises a bit of both, pots of gold at the end of the rainbow,

Or heavy rain whilst waiting for the train.

Life is fate and choice,

Destiny and free will,

Some cards are dealt,

Some cards can be helped.

There's very little things within control,

Yet, we try anyways,

Sometimes things are for letting go,

And often times it's for us to challenge.


Anu Aborisade

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Siobhan Ukpebor
2 years ago

I love this one x