Follow your dreams

Published on 24 October 2022 at 11:38

Following your dreams, what does that look like? I never really knew the answer to that question until after I finished writing this; I always knew I wanted to do something creative, spontaneous, and flexible.


Following your dreams changes from time to time, and it looks different for everyone, but one thing I do know is that following a dream is about purpose, fulfilment, and I guess to some extent the pursuit of happiness also- whatever that may mean. Having graduated from university not so long ago, I have started this journey of trying to reach my dreams. Sometimes I am unsure what that picture looks like, but as I begin to live in the real world, I realise what it's not. Life can be so mundane and boring that I become motivated that a dream of mine is for life to not be that way forever. I think of that SpongeBob episode when Squidward went to this housing area/retreat where he could do all the things he loves, but he didn't realise that doing everything he loved every day is not as fun as he would of  thought, life quickly again became very dull for Squidward. Then I realised that following your dreams is not just pursuing what you love. It's pursuing freedom, it's pursuing creativity. It's pushing limits and discovering what it is truly that you're good at, and it may be many things. It's doing different things, never feeling stuck, but constantly feeling like you're moving forward in life.


I am in a place right now where I feel stuck and limited. I am doing what's in my capacity to get me out of that state that I'm in. Still, I have to constantly give myself grace and remind myself that seasons are temporary, and most things last for a moment but what lasts for a lifetime is the growth that happens in those fleeting seasons. I have ideas of dreams I want to accomplish and goals I set out for myself and getting there is a journey. Still, once I reach the dream, there may be another dream, and it could be a continuous ladder and escalation to the top if there is ever such a thing. Or I may be content with the life my dream has provided me. We all have dreams and goals for a reason, and we owe it to ourselves to go for them and live them through. Life is for enjoyment, it's for reaching for the skies, it's for discovery, it's for hope, it's for faith. I wanna do everything that I set out to do. The road to getting there may not be what I envisioned, but getting there and experiencing what it's like that is a joy I hope we all get to share one day. My dreams look like being excited and enjoying each day, not yearning for the weekend and for my days to go by quickly. It's living and loving every moment I'm in. That is a dream worth following.




Anu Aborisade


What dreams do you have?

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