Why did I leave my job?

Published on 11 July 2023 at 12:00

At the start of the year, I was working a job that I wasn't very happy with; it was draining my creativity and was extremely monotonous and mundane, with no possibility for growth or prospects for my future.


I was so worn out that I made a daring decision to quit my work with no plans and no savings. Many people would argue that what I did was insane, and indeed it was, and I would advise myself not to do it again in the future. I believe some lessons must be learned for them to stick with you and prevent you from making the same mistake again but looking back, I don't regret anything.


There is no reward without risk, and if I hadn't left that job in March of 2023, I wouldn't have the job I just started now, which is essentially a great job for me, where I can be creatively free, where I am constantly challenged, and where I have had to overcome many obstacles that have made me more confident in myself.


If I hadn't decided to quit, complacency would have settled in and made itself a permanent resident in my life. I wouldn't have even had the spare time to go to all of these interviews, which ultimately set me up for this position now.


It's crucial to have a plan and know what you want or are looking for, even if it's only something greater than what you have currently. I also learnt that you must be fierce in your pursuit and strong in your will, as the process of job hunting and the dread of the unknown, as well as not having enough money to support yourself, can be pretty debilitating.


However, as fate would have it, I came out the other side and I am continuing to do so. Going through a season like mine reveals a different side of you, a person you never knew existed, a person you didn't even believe you were capable of being.


To encourage anyone who is stuck in a job that they strongly dislike, don't dismiss that voice in your head if you're stuck in a job you don't enjoy or feel like you could be doing more. It's there for a reason, you're capable of more, for success and peace of mind.

Take full pursuit of life and don’t let life take you in with the current, force yourself out of there and build for yourself the life you want and desire.


Nothing is simple, and you should expect some difficulties along the path, but embrace them since they will only strengthen your resolve. And I've also learned that endurance is essential; nothing lasts forever, and everything will ultimately fall into place.



Anu Aborisade

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