How midweek self-care impacted my work life

Published on 4 August 2023 at 13:01

Now that I am in the corporate world, I've found that the commute can be draining at times for me, especially on my way home, and that I can feel weary after a busy day at work. However, I really wanted to come out of that state of exhaustion and feel rejuvenated and revitalised instead.


I used to look forward to the weekend at my former job because I regarded it as a chance to really take care of myself and relax, but I didn't want to do that anymore. I wanted to have something to look forward to during the week, so I began implementing a self-care regimen at home after work.


One of the things I do is a workout. I prefer doing home exercises not just because they are free, but also because I enjoy working out in the privacy of my own house. I aim to do between 30-45 minutes and I feel fantastic afterwards.


Then I take a bath with soaps, bath bombs, and candles to set the mood! I was recently introduced to getting a starry projector, which was such a lovely idea that I may invest in it to elevate my bath experience. Having a bath is so peaceful and comforting, and I usually watch something on my phone or listen to music as well. 


Then I do a thorough skin care routine that includes a glow face mask and a cold sheet mask that I keep in the fridge. I also like to feel lavish by wearing a robe and a white headband.


Incorporating this regime makes my work week that much better and increases my well-being, mental health, and a more positive attitude and performance at work.


Anu Aborisade


Do you do self care in the middle of the week?

What is your skin care regime?

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