The romanticism of life

Published on 29 July 2022 at 13:58

I would now say I've entered what is known as the 'real world', and it's definitely interesting, to say the least. I've learned many brutal truths and had to face some rejections, but there is another part of the real world I don't think gets talked about enough. Yes, life is hard, and as I began to assume real-life duties, I discerned that very quickly, but being the author of how I want my life to be, I can write ways to make it less challenging and a bit better. It is essential to fit time for me, to pick up hobbies, go out with friends and family, meet people, not be afraid to speak to someone who could possibly change my life, to look at nature or the beautifully designed skyscrapers on my way home from work, and eat my favourite meal. Life is actually to be romanticised.


I used to live soo much vicariously through books and movies for that fairytale life. There was a point when I couldn't see it as possible in my own life due to things I've experienced in the past that made me feel like life isn't magical but bland, but with life, you have to give it time! There is a process to things, and some of the things I wanted then that I'm getting now, I wouldn't have been ready to receive as I wasn't in the place mentally to have so much in a time where I thought so little of myself and everything around me. I wouldn't have known what to do with it and how to cope when it becomes too much to handle. Now I am so much better at breaking down my feelings, not letting things get to me as much, and I now have faith and hope stronger than ever, as I've gotten a glimpse of how exciting and great life can be. I feel like we all need that taster to know that the best is yet to come and to keep going on. However, as much as I hated that time in the past, it was a necessity for growth. In life, we must all go through pain, a necessary pain for blossoming and change. But I've learned to embrace it and take it in with the good. They come as a pair; if I want that bright, beautiful life, it all comes at a necessary price. What makes me take in the short-term pain and suffering better now is that my perspective has changed. I don't have to take it in all at once. It is one hurdle at a time.


I now live vicariously through my own life. Books and movies are based on real life and actual life events, just a bit more glammed up than how life presents itself in reality. But the point is that nothing is stopping me from finding love the way it is found in that movie or getting my career the way one of my favourite characters did in that book I love. It may be different to how we see or read it, but it is possible. Because life is a movie with its ups and downs, beginning and end. Romanticism is definitely a word that we now hear on social media and a lot online, but I think as a generation, we uncovered something. This is the one and only life we are afforded; we ought to make every little thing sparkle. I think as a people, we are returning to how life was intended for us humans to live. We are choosing to enjoy the small menial things and the labour we have to endure by making that coffee in the morning to brighten up the day and make it enjoyable.





Anu Aborisade

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