Into the abyss

Published on 26 January 2022 at 15:13

She looks out into the clear blue water on a foggy afternoon,

The weather's cold, and the layers she puts on are not enough to cover the emptiness she feels inside.

She looks out into the mountains, hoping that her small faith can release water from a fountain.
The trees around her are bald as it sheds its autumn leaves,

Creating a path trailing to the edge of the pier,

She hopes one day she can run off and disappear.

Her loneliness becomes her identity,

She feels life is no more than a mystery,

She can't help but feel she's missing something,

She refuses to live a life that comes to nothing.

She stares out into the abyss, praying for that one wish,

But God knows she's looking for more than what she's asking,

She wants a part of life that she feels she's lacking.



Anu Aborisade

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